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all I want for christmas is two terabytes of storage

Now and then I look through all the files on my powerbook and remember that I've always been lucky. I've never had a catastrophic disk failure or inadvertently formatted the wrong volume losing years of irreplaceable data. I have partial backups here and there, but they'd provide only a small cushion. It's time to come up with better system, while I'm still a statistical outlier.

In an ideal world I'd have every last byte of my digital existence versioned and mirrored across geographically distributed data centers. Failing that, I think a ReadyNAS from Infrant Technologies might do nicely. I need a mass storage device with redundancy and plenty of room to grow, but quiet and small enough to stick under the couch. Something I can throw multiple backup disk images at and still have scratch space left over for when the powerbook is down to its last gig. ReadyNAS seems to fit the bill. Anyone out there already using one?

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