distributed aerial photography


Earlier in the year, I snapped this pic of Meadow Brook, a local short field, on the way back from a landing at the even smaller Air Harbor. I submitted the image to AirNav and forgot about it. Looks like they've recently included it. I've been using AirNav for a while now, it's quick, convenient, and the mapping and aerial photos give it an edge over the AFD for preliminary flight planning. As an online service, I think there are more opportunities to be explored here in the way of collaborative content creation, a la Wikipedia.

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superfortress flyby


"Fifi", the world's only flying B-29, makes a low pass over Smith Reynolds Airport to cap off the airshow weekend.


This plane is such a monster that I was able to hear, and then see, the maneuver from my apartment window three miles away.. felt like I had stepped into the History Channel.

Thanks to Mike Burr for the on-site images.

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Beech Staggerwing


This weekend I made a short flight to Twin Lakes, a small backwoods strip
near Mocksville, and landing ahead of us in the pattern was a memorable
biplane. Here are pictures of the Beech Staggerwing, a rare
hi-performance biplane made in the thirties. A beautiful ship, this one
had been fully restored right down to the mahogany and leather interior.
It was the Learjet of its day.


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